About My Journey to Home Automation

It all began with the need to be super lazy, and not getting up to turn of my bedroom lights. From my bed, the bedroom light switch is about 8 feet away.

This website is dedicated to that. From just that simple need, I lost control, and needed to not only do more, but do it fast, efficiently, and most importantly cost effectively. So in the articles to come, I will be writing on the thought process, the considerations (pros and cons), and costs, and also the installation.

Here’s a few points that you’ll need to know about my journey:

I live in Malaysia, where we use 230/240 volts at 50Hz, Type G Plugs, and sometimes Type C. Type C is tricky, but with a little ‘guidance’, and/or an adapter, it goes into the Type G Sockets.

Getting Apple HomeKit ready products are not easy, and most of them was not readily available in retail stores in the country. E-Commerce on the other hand, was my number 1 go to source.

I am only working with Apple HomeKit, the products and apps that it’s compatible with. I’m an Apple fan boy, due to the fact that I like simplicity, and security. But most importantly it started with the empty “Home” app that came as a standard install in iOS.

I do a lot of research to source the products at the cheapest (at the point purchased) price. I will share that with you, but am sure that you have your own sources.

I made some mistakes, and it was painful to my mind, and my wallet. Hope you don’t make them too.

Finally, was about the information about the product, it’s compatibility, quality, and usability. This is where I believe I had the biggest trouble with. And that’s were this site, and the articles comes in.

So, stay tuned, articles will come in, and if you have any ideas or thoughts on developing this, please comment.  Thanks.