About EthanLim.com

Hi there!

My name is Kenny Lim.  Ethan Lim is my son, and this site is in his name as it was a (really cool IMHO) gift to him from my eldest brother, Chris Lim, when Ethan was born in 2007.

Plug! : If you’re interested in Website Development and IT Services, please contact Chris at CLDO Consulting, based in Michigan.  I’m sure they’re able to work with you on something cool.

Through the years, this site has evolved from once being a site that featured my photography of nature, and scenery.

Mornington Peninsular Pier, Melbourne, Australia

… and now this, posts on what I’ve done/learnt/experimenting with Home Automation.

If you have any comments, or suggestions please sent them to me : kenny@ethanlim.com

Thank you for reading!

Kenny Lim