Nordictrack treadmill HomeKit Automation

I love my Nordictrack x32i treadmill.  With constant lockdowns it takes me to places all over the world and at the same time keeps me active.  HomeKit controlled via a smart plug, and also a Philips Hue LED strip in the gym for mood lighting.  

2 things that bugged me about the Nordictrack treadmill is that I can’t use my AppleWatch to connect to iFit to track my work out, and I can’t connect Apple Music to the iFit system.  The first problem I can’t do anything about but I hear that the iFit guys are working on it.  For the second issue here’s my workaround. 

You can always connect your iPhone or iPad to the treadmill via Bluetooth, but the sound quality on the stock speakers are not so great.  Also, no offense to the music feed from iFit, the music is good, but I prefer to play my own music and skip songs when I don’t like them.

So here’s how some Sugru, an Apple HomePod mini, and an OEM HomePod mini mount can make it much better.

The process was easy, clean the surface of the treadmill where the speaker needs to be, mould the Sugru to support the underside of the mount.  Let it set for 24 hours as it’s a thick application of Sugru, and you’re done.

With this in place you can now program a Shortcut to turn on your treadmill, play your Workout music and start your Workout at the same time.