Gone in Home iOS 14

It was very noticeable as I realized that I have much less accessory icons on the Home app.  That was when I realized that the Accessory icons for Door / Window Contact, Temperature, Motion, and Light intensity Sensors were Gone in Home iOS 14.  At first I thought it was an error and proceeded to check the room pages to see if the update removed them from my favorites.  Nope it was not the case.  Then I checked if the accessory was functioning.  Yes it was.

After that I realize that you would only see that the accessory is activated within the Home Status Bar

In the iOS 13 Home app, you would be able to see the Accessory Icons.  It shows Sensors within each room and notifies you if it’s been triggered, the current temperature, or light intensity reading.   Now, in iOS 14, you can choose to show it in the Home Status bar.

If only 1 accessory is activated, clicking the status will open that accessories settings.  In this case if you touch the Temperature tab it opens up the settings window for the Fibaro Motion Sensor.


If there are more accessories it will show them as separate icons


If you have more devices that are always showing a reading, then it will appear like this, but not “lit”


You can choose to not see these all together by turning off the “Include in Home Status” option in the Status and Notifications settings of the accessory.


If you want to see the status of the sensor accessories specific to the room, you can head over to the room, and it will be at the Home Status section.  You’ll have to keep the Home app in landscape mode to always see the rooms.  If not you will have to swipe from the left side of the iPad to see the rooms list.


I’m pretty torn on which way I like better, to see the individual sensors, or to only see what’s active.  I recon that it makes sense to only show the active sensor, and remove the clutter from the Home Screen.   But being able to see every sensor’s status at a glance is somewhat important for a data junkie like me as well.  Let me explore more and update you as I progress.