New in Home iOS 14

So, what’s new in Home iOS 14? I did it.  Dusted off my iPhone 8S, charged it up, and updated the OS to iOS 13, then proceeded to install the iOS 14 Beta into it.  Slight changes which makes a lot of sense, and some suggestions which I’ve given feedback to Apple.


The installation process is so Apple-esq… a no brainer process which was fast and easy.  After installing it and starting up the Home app, you can immediately see the changes.  What I forgot was that the display dimensions of the iPhone 8 compared to my iPhone 11 is different, hence you will see a shorter rectangle screen captures.  As this is a Beta I won’t be using this on my daily use iPhone.

I like the new graphical “dashboard” that shows the average temperature, how many doors are open, how many lights are on, etc.  This is way more pleasing to the eye than the text of the current iOS 13 app.  Touching these dashboard matrix will open up a screen that shows you the specific accessories associated with the indicator.

Another feedback that I sent was that my OCD always acts up when I see that the width of the Favorite Scenes icons were 2 times that of the Favorite Accessories icons.  There isn’t any changes to the new Home in  iOS 14 screen as you would see in iOS 13.  I would much prefer it if they are the same width.  But that’s just my personal preference.

There’s also some minor tweaks in some views like the video view.  Now easily accessible is the talk button that allows you to talk to the person at the front door.  It seems to also work with my OMNA 180 camera which is cool as I can use it like an intercom.

You can see the “Talk” button at the bottom on the screen which is easily accessible.   Nice.

Let me explore the other functions that are new in iOS 14 and update in another post soon.