Home in OS14

Home in OS14 is in beta soon, and I’m really curious to see it in action.  So I’m taking out an old iPhone this weekend and making that my Beta testing device to share with you on what’s new with HomeKit in the new OS.  I just hope that creating this beta device won’t affect the Home apps in the other devices!

Here’s some screen capture of the information on Home in OS14 that is currently available on Apple.com

Source : Apple

The changes to the iPhone interface looks minimal.  So that’s good, however I hope they can change the size of the “Favourite Scenes” tab to be the same width as the accessories tabs.

Source : Apple

iPad OS14 interface looks the same as well.  Face Recognition will be a fun feature to play with.  What I like about the current Voice Recognition is that Siri knows who is talking and only enables that person’s device when giving a command.  I wonder how Face Recognition will work.

Source : Apple

I’ll update my experience with the OS14 beta as we progress.  In the meantime, here’s my wish list of the improvements I hope to see:

  • Ability to group the accessories within a room with different color tabs.
  • An option to group them by accessory type would be nice too
  • Integration with accessory developer to update the accessories without the need to go to the manufacturers app would be nice
  • Battery levels at a glance.  I have a lot of accessories like the Philips Hue Dimmers, and contact sensors that needs cell batteries.  I would like to see a screen where it shows the battery levels of all of my devices.
  • Smaller “Favourite Scenes” tabs.  It’s currently HUGE. About 2 tabs wide.  Does it need to be that wide?