Philips Hue Downlight Installation

In my previous post I wrote about the Philips Hue Downlight.  I just installed it today, and it took me a good 40 minutes to install.  It’s just that easy.  The tools : a Black & Decker cordless drill with a tiny wood drill it, huge pliers, and a Philips screw driver.

I put a lot of thought into the Philips Hue Downlight Installation.  Primarily because I’ve not done it before, and I don’t have the right tools.

Installation started with turning off the mains, and then removing the 3” Philips downlight.  That was easy.  I then took the cordless drill and proceeded to drill tine holes around the existing opening.  The drill pattern was something like this.

The drilling was not difficult as the wood was chip board.  After drilling all the holes I used the pliers to break the ring off.  That too was easy.  Here’s a picture of the ring in pieces.  Yes, it’s a crude method by it works and resulted in a pretty clean edge!

Next, I wired the Philips Hue Downlight to the existing cables, and set it into the hole.  I’m done!

I turned the mains back on and then tested the light.  And it works!

Here’s a size comparison of what the original bulb looks like versus the Philips Hue Downlight.

Then all that was left was to connect it to the Philips Hub, and then configure the Home App.

I configured the Philips Dimmer to turn specific scenes with the buttons available.  As for the Philips Hue Play Mirror Lights I let that be controlled with Siri or the Home App.  Mission accomplished!  To be honest, that was a very very very satisfying installation!