Philips Hue Downlight

I recently wrote an article about placing Philips Play Light Bars beside a shelf to provide it some light.   Doing some research I found out that Philips has Philips Hue Downlight.  It took me some time to decide to go for it as I couldn’t get enough information on it.

Downlight and most new lighting systems uses LED bulbs.  This means that it will require a driver.  This driver is a small white box that connects to the circuit.

The Philips Hue Downlight driver is integrated within the accessory itself and comes in a nicely designed package.  A plug and play that takes the concern out of thinking where to place the driver.  The drawback to this is that it’s large.  I bought the 5” version, to replace the current bulb which only has a diameter of 3”.  There is nothing smaller than that.

I don’t do this often so I don’t have the best tools for the job.  Making the hole larger for the Hue downlight will mean using a drill to makes tiny holes, and hacking out the excess material.

Next is the wiring which is not a straight forward plug and play as the existing light has a driver that’s installed on top of the cabinet.  Small matter with an easy fix.

Then you’ll have to sync with the Hue Bridge with the device ID, and check for any update required.  Once done, it’s about configuring the light color, and brightness.

Below is the back image of the Philips Hue Downlight packaging, and contents.  I hope this is helpful for those who are looking for this information.

As you can see it’s mostly in Chinese.  What I don’t understand is “Upgrade your product with a Philips Hue Bridge for smart control…” Does this mean that you can’t without the Hue Bridge?

Anyway, I’ll install it next week.  Hopefully it will work well with the rest of the lights.