Home App No Response Fix

I’m not sure if you have run into this issue before.   You open your Home app to find out that one (or a few) of your devices has a “No Response” message in the tab.  And when you touch it, nothing happens.  You check the settings of the device and you see that you can’t change anything.  If you have, here’s my Home App No Response Fix.

I have this in a text form, as well as a process flow chart.  See which works for you.

The steps I take:

  • Restart the Home App on your Apple device.
    • Lots of times I notice that on different devices, it can show the error, when in fact the accessory is working fine.  I believe it could be due to a lag in the iOS device, or the home WiFi connection.
    • Swipe up from the bottom of the screen

    • Then swipe the Home App up to close it

    • Open back the Home App to see if the NO RESPONSE message has disappeared

  • Check if it has power.
    • Did someone turn off the Power Switch / Removed the plug / The plug is not loosely connected to the socket.

    • Check if the device battery needs changing

    • Power down the accessory, then power up again and check the Home App.

  • Restart your Wi-Fi Router
    • Turn off, wait a couple of seconds then on the Wi-Fi Router.

    • You should wait a little after restarting the router as the accessory might take time to search for the signal.

    • I notice that the fastest to connect back are all of my Philips Hue accessories.  Most likely because it’s connected via the Hue Hub.

  • Final option is to Factory Reset the accessory
    • his should be your very last option.  When I started off my Home Automation journey this was one of the first few things I did.

      It was painful to reconnect the accessory, and then re-creating all the automation connected to it…. Painful….

  • After this point the best is to contact the manufacturer.

I hope this helps you get through your No Response issues.  Let me know if you have any other ways of fixing it.