Nanoleaf Light Panels

So you’re in lockdown, you’re in your home looking out the window and dreaming of being at the beach…  Looking at pictures or watching a YouTube video of it is not engaging enough.  Well Nanoleaf Light Panels can help!  It’s mesmerizing!

The people at Nanoleaf will be selling their latest light panels very soon.  It’s Hexagonal shape is great as you can have more configurations, plus it has a softer look. 

Source : Nanoleaf

The triangular ones that I am using at the moment are good too, and how is helps you in lockdown is the following.

You would have read my previous articles on how I use the Nanoleaf Light Panels.  It’s still in the design of a Koi fish, and it’s used every day to indicate certain actions that needs to be done.  For example, the lights come on for 5 minutes at 7:20 am on weekdays in a soothing multi shades of green scene display to let us know that it’s time to leave the house and send my son to school.

Source : Nanoleaf

You can set the color scheme to be Beach.  Then immediately the lights change to a soothing shimmer of light blues, whites, and sandy beige, plus it animates.  It fills up the entire space with the colors.  I haven’t looked into YouTube yet, but you can see this effect represented by the animated GIF in this article.  Add some Ibiza music in the background on you HomePod, and chill.  Oh, and don’t forget to turn on your HomeKit fan at intermittent speed to simulate the wind from the sea.

Another option is to be immerse yourself into your Game play.  One of the coolest add on to the Nanoleaf light panels is the Rhythm module you can use this to sync s.  The louder the sound, the brighter or fuller the lights light up.

The Nanoleaf App offers users a slew of pre-made scenes, as well as scenes put together by users of the app.  You can do key word searches for the color scheme you want, or create your own.  Then when you’re happy with it you can download it to include into your Automation settings.

There are a couple of options that you can choose from.  Either it goes on an automatic pattern, or with the sounds that the Rhythm module picks up.  Ideally you should place the Rhythm module near the sound source.  You can even come up with your own scenes.

If you’re playing a video game with lots of explosions and shots sounds, you can set the lights to a flame scheme then set the rhythm to be on a meteor shower like movement.  Then when there is an explosion the whole room or wall will be filled with reds and white.  KABOOM!

For folks in Malaysia, you can check out this offer (I don’t get anything out from this referral, just helping you out if you have interest to get it for the Nanoleaf Light Panels.  It’s on a great offer right now and comes with 9 panels, as well as the Rhythm module With 1 year official local warranty.  The links below are to Shopee and Lazada from the sole distributor for Nanoleaf in Malaysia.  They also provide consultancy for Home Automation.  Check them out at .

Trust me, once you get this, and set it up, you’ll be itching to get MORE panels and make an EVEN BIGGER wall art out of it.  You can connect up to 30 panels per power source.  Hit them up for more information on this offer and more.

Another thing you can do with it is to set it as an Automation.  By saying “Hey Siri, I’m at the beach” you can start the Nanoleaf Light Panels to Beach Waves scene, play beach music on the HomePod, and also dim the room lights.  Go ahead, make your home more engaging with Nanoleaf Light Panels.