HomeKit Door and Window Sensors

Home lighting is usually the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of Home Automation.  The best part of Home Automation is linking the lights to sensors so that you can automatically enable an action when a sensor is triggered.  HomeKit Door and Window Sensors comes into play when you want that function.

In this article, I write about the product that I use in my home, the Koogeek Door and Window Sensor. There are many brands out in the market.  I choose Koogeek’s Door and Window Sensors as it was the one that was readily available on the internet, and I didn’t have much issues with the other Koogeek HomeKit accessories that I’m using at the moment.


Here’s what you get in the box.  The accessories itself, the manual, and also an additional set of adhesive in case you need to move it.  The sensor comes with a battery preinstalled and to start it up you will have to pull out the separator tab.  HomeKit’s setup code is on the manual as well as the inside of the packaging.

One smart thing to do would be to use a pen and write down the location of the sensor on the manual.  This helps if you have to reset the device and reinstall it as the setup codes are on the manual.

The size of the Koogeek door sensor is slightly larger than 2 Quarters

The accessory is relatively small.  There’s no choice of colors apart from white, so sticking this onto a brown door will definitely make it stick out.  None the less once you get use to it you can hardly notice it.

Upon setting up the device in Home App, you can customize it and set it as either a Garage Door, Door, Blinds, Window, or Contact Sensor.  The example below shows what my doors setup looks like.  You can also customize the it’s icons to look like Glass Doors, Wood Doors, or even Grille Doors

Next is Automating these contact sensors for specific times of day / action.  Here are some automation examples that you can consider:

  • Set it that from Sunset to Sunrise, if the front door opens, the ceiling lights in the porch turns on.
  • From 1AM till 6AM, when any of the doors open, your bedroom lights turns on.  If you have cameras around the house you can also trigger the hall and kitchen lights to scare of intruders.
  • Want to know when someone is home or leaving the house?  The Koogeek’s iPhone app can record all the times when the door is open and closed.
  • You can also send yourself notifications when the sensor is triggered.  If you live in a home with many people in it, you may want to forget this function.

The larger the house, the more of these sensors needs to be installed.  But when it gives you more control over knowing the status of the doors and windows, why not right?