What’s Next With My HomeKit Plans

With lock downs all over the World, I see that the development of accessories for HomeKit is there, but the more important question is, are consumers able to afford them, or even care about it.  Unemployment, salary reductions, forced leave, is taking a toll, and definitely development of HomeKit and Home Automation might be affected as well.  So, what’s next with my HomeKit plans?

Looking at what being offered at the moment there are a few developments in accessories that interest me.  The most interesting are IKEA’s Window Shades, Nanoleaf’s new Hexagon light panels, and Philips whole new range of Hue outdoor lighting.

Source : IKEA

Why IKEA’s HomeKit window blinds?  I can think of some reasons.  Philips Hue lights can be programmed to wake you up gently in the morning.  I’ll cover that in an article soon.  The simple action of opening of the window blinds can do that too.  At the same time it gives you the ability to see what the weather is like.  But of course you can always ask Siri.

Source : Nanoleaf

Why Nanoleaf’s Hexagon light panels?  I’ve had the triangle ones from the beginning of my journey into Home Automation.  One of the struggles I have to deal with is that the triangle shape doesn’t give you much options in terms of making a good design.  These Hexagon shaped ones are better than squares too IMHO as the have softer edges giving it a much more modern look.

Not to mention it has other features too like the Touch Action where you can interact with the light modules.  That’s a major plus for me.  To date I still have people amazed by my Koi fish digital artwork.

Source : Philips

Why Philips’ Outdoor Lights?  Philips has been aggressively expanding their outdoor lighting offering and at the moment, the setup I have is lights that are controlled by a Smart Switch.  Which doesn’t give me access to change colors.  I was thinking if replacing the outdoor garden light’s bulbs with Philips Hue, but, not too sure of their ability to withstand outdoor temperature and humidity.

At the same time, I’ve been looking into my current setup on adding more sensors around the house.  So in this time of lock down, I ordered and just received a couple more Koogeek Door or Windows sensors to place around the house at windows and metal grill doors.  Depending on the size of the property you have, it’s great to install this on every window and door that you have.  It also give you a little more sense of security.

One thing I was hoping that these Koogeek Door/Contact sensors would have was a shock sensor.  I know that devices like my Fibaro Motion Sensor does detect movement as well as shocks, but its not a contact sensor.  I believe the limitation on having everything in one device is due to power requirements, size, and of course costs.  It’s ok, life goes on.

One other device that I would love to get my hands on would be the Philips Play HDMI Sync Box.  It’s a tool to sync your home theater to Philips Hue Play lights and “expands” the color from your show to the back of the TV giving you a feel of a larger viewing space.  However, the reviews are not too positive, and the pricing doesn’t justify the “try” so I’m giving it a pass.

In the meantime, stay safe, practice safe distancing, and keep thinking of what’s next with your HomeKit plans!