Setting Up Wake Up Alarms with HomeKit

I just realized that Apple has updated the Home App to activate AirPlay in Automation.  In this Post, I will show you how I set up wake up alarms with HomeKit.  The steps are pretty much the same as setting automation, and as for all Apple products it’s easy to do.

Go ahead and try it out with the guide below:

First 2 Steps
Next 2 Steps
Final 2 Steps

If you want to customize it that it will only work when specific people are at home, when you’re home, or when no one is home, then turn on the People Setting.  You’ll get the following selection options to choose from.

For the selection of the Media, this is what I am using.  I won’t get into the details but below are the steps on how I choose A.M.I.D by Marconi Union as my Wake Up song.

In my next post, I’ll go into details on using this Automation as a Home Alarm system.  It’s not as straight forward but definitely worth doing.