Monetizing This Site for Charity

Hi all, just a quick update.  As you can see I’ve started placing advertising in so that I can monetize this site for charity.

What started out as a website to record my journey to home automation is now also going to be a journey to see how the internet works, and how one can make a business out of it.  It’s purely for my own knowledge.  And if you would like to also see what I see visit me at my LinkedIn page.

In LinkedIn I write some posts on my career and some thoughts on what I went through and what I learned.  It’s ALL about me, so haters, please be constructive if you are posting anything there. 🙂

In the end, the money that I earn from this site will go to a charity of my choosing.  As I’m based in Malaysia, the charitable organization will most likely be based here.  I have a few in mind, but not making any calls now as I see that I’ve only gotten a couple of cents in revenue.  The payout only happens when I hit US$100 and when that happens the information on the revenue and the contribution will be posted in this site when I achieve it.

End of the day, I hope that you continue to support my website and browse through the articles that I’ve created.  Share it, talk about it, and experiment on your own.  More importantly understand that the ads are there and it’s revenue will (hopefully I can hit the target) be used for a good cause.

Thank you.