Show as Separate Tiles

Here’s an update on the Home App post that I posted before on not to fix what’s not broken.  It has been fixed.  Thank you Apple Homekit Developers for re-enabling Show as Separate Tiles back again.

Now devices that shares multiple functions or actions can be separated.  For example, Koogeek’s 2 Gang Light Switch can now be separated to show 2 different tiles for each of it’s connected accessory.

Here’s what you have to do:

  1. The Combined Tile will look like this
  2. Long press the combined tile and this window will pop up.  Then touch the Gear icon on the lower right of that window
  3. The pop up will then show you this screen.  Next, touch the Show As Separate Tiles button.  The text is in orange color and easy to see.  If it’s not there, then the switch / accessory only controls 1 device.
  4. Then that pop up window will close, and you will see that you now have 2 Tiles.  From there you can rearrange the Tiles anywhere on the Home app screen.  It doesn’t have to appear side by side.

To combine back the Tiles, you do the same steps.  Just long press either of the separated Tile, touch the Gear, then choose Show as Single Tile.

There’s also another option to use, and that is to Group with Other Accessories.  I use that to connect multiple Philips Hue bulbs to 1 Tile for ease of use.

A good example of this is if you have replaced all of the lights in your living room ceiling with Philips Hue bulbs.  After connecting them to the Home app you’ll see that they are all shown as separate Tiles.  Just select Group with Other Accessories, select the accessories, and they will all then be connected with 1 Tile.

I’m so happy that this happened and now I can Show as Separate Tiles once again.  No more needing on the multi step process to turn an accessory on/off.