Don’t fix something that is not broken

I’m usually eager to see new developments in iOS.  So with that I’m usually one of the first to install Beta for it, and I usually am happy with what I see, except this time.  Apple, please don’t fix something that’s not broken.

iOS 13 will not change the interface for HomeKit much with exception to a few things that I’m seeing now.  The one that I’m least bit happy with is the grouping of devices in 1 touch point.  Here’s what I mean.
All Off

As you can see above, Apple has decided to group any switch with 2 functions into one button.  Touching that button and what pops up are the functions that’s attached to that switch.

Here’s where I rather Apple had left it alone. In iOS 12 the switches are treated as individual switches.  If you want to group them you can instruct it in the app to “Group with other accessories” so there’s no need to do it this way.   Grouping it like this means that there is an extra step to turn a device On or Off, plus the first button as you enable only 1 function, doesn’t light up.

Front Yard button is not on even though one of the lights in the 2 gang switch is On.

On top of that if you have a dimmer switch, with this change you can’t just touch the button to turn it on.  It will force you to use the dimmer and you’ll have slide the switch to full.  Sigh.

So, Apple, please don’t fix something that is not broken. Or at least explain what was the thought behind it.