HomeKit Fan

This article will show you how to easily install a HomeKit Fan.  Ok, I may be misleading you a little with the title, but it depends on how you see it.  In the end of the day, you will be able to have a fan connected to your HomeKit.

There are 3 ways that you can have a HomeKit Fan:

  1. Buy a HomeKit fan
  2. Use a stand fan/desk top fan connected to a Smart Plug which is HomeKit ready.
  3. Replace a Power switch that is connected to your ceiling fan with a Smart switch that is HomeKit ready.

Let’s talk about the first option, a HomeKit fan.  There’s only a handful of HomeKit fans in the market.  And as HomeKit is not gaining much traction these days, we’re limited to those manufactured by Hunter which looks good, but are pretty pricey, and is not available in my country.  So as that’s the situation, I won’t go too deep into this option.

Second option is to get a stand / desk fan connected to a Smart Plug which is then connected via HomeKit.  Yes, it’s merely able to turn the fan off / on, but hey, it beats getting off your seat to do it.  I’ve written an article about using Smart Plugs to control night lights in the past, and this option is as simple as replacing the night light with a fan.  And there you go.

So, I’m now going to cover what I did this week.  Which is option 3.  This is funny, as I didn’t really think of doing it in the past.  Basically is to install a smart switch like I did for ceiling lights and as for in option 2, instead of connecting it to a ceiling light, I connected it to a ceiling fan.

Connecting a smart switch in old houses is not easy.  I had to call an electrician to help me out as the Koogeek switch I use, needs a Neutral cable to power the device when it’s not supplying power to the fan.  It needs this to put the switch on standby as it awaits for commands via WiFi.

After that point you’re all set.  As with option 2, you can only turn the fan on / off.  But I’m not complaining as we rarely change the speed.  The ceiling fan I’m using is from Panasonic which has a remote control to control the speed.  That helps.

If you’re considering option 2 or 3, also consider changing the type of the accessory to Fan.  This way, you get a cool little animated fan icon when the device is on.

Change the Type of device. You will have an option to label it as a Switch, Fan, or Light.


This is soooooo cool!

After setting up the fan, I can now finally set up a “Good Night” mode!  I went to the Home app and added Scene.  Selected the accessories in the hall, and set them to turn off, plus ensured that the room lights turned on, and I’m done.  Now when it’s time for bed, “Hey Siri, good night”…

Good night!