Home Automation with Apple Watch 4

I’ve been using the Apple Watch since it first came out with the first series.  Primary function of it was of course to tell the time.  Secondary was to take a quick glimpse of my messages and next schedule, rejecting calls, and tracking my workout.  With the tiny screen, I didn’t consider it’s Home Automation function.  However, Home Automation with Apple Watch 4 is better as the processor is faster and a larger screen.

So let’s begin from the start, the Apple Watch has always been on my wrist, and it had never crossed my mind on using it for Home Automation as there’s always been the HomePods and of course the iPhone/iPad which has always been at arms reach, or voice controlled without even holding a device.

The beauty of using the Apple Watch is not only the Apple Watch app for Homekit, but also Siri.  Let’s look at the app first.

The main screen of the Apple Watch 4 is amazing.  You can load the display up with as many complications that it can handle.


Going to the HomeKit app is easy. Pressing the crown opens up the apps screen and all you have to do is look for the HomeKit house icon and touch it.


Then again, with the crown, scroll down to look for the HomeKit accessory that you want to control.


and just touch it to turn it on/off. As easy as that!    Touching the orange button with the 3 white dots brings you to simple controls for Hue bulbs as you can see in the next image below.


Controls are limited to dimming Hue lights but none the less it works, and it’s instantly changes the light intensity.


If you have an OMNA Camera you can even view a Live video from the Apple Watch.  The screen is tiny, but it also lets you hear whats happening and also talk through the camera’s speakers.  Nice, but not really practical.


You can also control your HomePod with the Apple Watch.


The basic controls are there. Best part is for the HomePod volume control. No more need to say “Hey Siri, volume at XX%” just turn the crown. 


That’s just by using the app.  With the Apple Watch you can also set it to use with Siri.  Asking Siri to turn on/off lights, change Hue bulb light colors, turn on your favorite music, etc. is as easy as using the iPhone/iPad/HomePod.

Overall, as mentioned, the Apple Watch 4 is a great watch overall.  HomeKit on the Apple Watch is a great function, however with every device I have always easily accessible I can’t foresee me using it for Home Automation control.  That being said I will still try to use this to see if it can be my main device as it’s always on my wrist.  We’ll see…