2 HomePods are much better than 1

I just took delivery of my 2nd HomePod, and I must say that a HomePod is great to control your HomeKit accessories, and having more than 1 is definitely a plus.  2 HomePods are much better than 1.  Let me cover some of my findings.

Great sound qualities in smaller rooms

In my first article on acquiring my first HomePod (Space Grey) in Australia, I mentioned about how the sound just disappeared in the huge Apple store.  That iPad is now in my Living room, and it works pretty well.  Big part of its use is definitely playing music.  The other use is controlling the Hall Lights, changing the colors of the Nanoleaf Aurora, and asking (most times silly) questions on the weather/ trivia/ restaurants.

The sound quality of the HomePod is much better in smaller rooms.  The bass sounds nice and deep, while the mid and treble is clear.  It definitely fills the room.  The best part is all this works with little to no lag with Siri.  I don’t know how else to explain this but Siri on the HomePod is such a great experience.  If you can, try it out.  It’s simply amazing.

That Living Room HomePod is linked to my Apple account, and is set to British Male voice.  So when I got the 2nd HomePod (White) I linked it to my wife’s Apple account, and used the British Female voice.  Its a tiny change but definitely gives the HomePods character, and the White version really looks clean and pure.

With the new AirPlay 2 you can instruct Siri to move the music from one room to another, or play the same music on the 2 HomePods at the same time.   I’ve yet to start a YouTube channel on Home Automation but you can google Airplay 2 and see this at work.

Apart from that, having a HomePod in the room, almost makes the Physical Buttons for the Philips Hue lamps almost, unnecessary.  The buttons are still needed, but with the HomePod with the super fast Siri we don’t have to carry the button around to control the lamps, plus it’s so sci-fi cool.

Here’s the new problem, I love it so much that I’m considering to get another HomePod.  This time for my workplace so that I can enjoy the Siri interactions and great audio quality music…  hmmm….