Honestly… HomeKit is not for everyone

Using HomeKit feels like I’m using something that is so deep in it’s own environment, and is not a priority of Apple to develop it further.  Honestly, HomeKit is not for everyone.  So in my humble opinion I believe the right kind of person that would like to use HomeKit is as follows.

Apple fan boys/girls, If all you have in your gadget arsenal are iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, Macbooks, etc. you may not be the right person, you’re not in a situation to have much options.  Like me.

Highly likely, due to the fact that Open Source OS is cool and opens the doors to all kinds of functionalities and benefits, also comes with some level of risks, and that iOS is somewhat safe and secure, you are not going to enjoy much integration of the Apps nor Accessories with HomeKit even if you can install an app on your Apple device that works well with your accessory.

Here’s a really good example: Logitech Harmony Elite Remote.  It’s a great universal remote, and works very well as a hub that can control pretty much all of my Audio Visual devices, plus my Panasonic Fan, and a little wonky, but works, Panasonic Air Conditioner.

I can use the Harmony remote control that comes with the hub set, or install an iOS app that replicates the controller, which I think is, very very nice.  Now I can also control my TV from ANYWHERE in the World.  Why?  Because I can.

Controlling the home entertainment with any Apple device is really cool

Here’s the part that I hope will change.  I can’t use HomeKit to integrate the control of the TV unless I do some modifications.   Which as you’ve read in my previous post that I’m not impartial to doing.

I know that with iOS 12 there some advancement in Siri that I could use to have voice control of Apps, but that’s yet to be seen, plus it’s not using HomeKit.  After introducing the Logitech Harmony Elite into your home auto-sphere, you will realize that it’s not added to your HomeKit app.  You can’t switch any of your home entertainment nor connected devices to the Harmony Elite on/off from your HomeKit.

I’ve seen some videos on people using Raspberry Pi to “fix” this and I’m tempted to do so, but let’s see what iOS 12 can do first.  Again, this only means that HomeKit is not for everyone.  It’s great for the basics : lights, motion, climate control, but not everything.

I’m really trying maximize the ability to automate my home, and as I continue onward with the journey it is pretty obvious that it’s somewhat limited.  Anyway, we move forward.

I’ve just ordered 4 more Philips Hue bulbs and this time the white only version, and have a simple project to do with my bathroom upstairs.  That will be in my upcoming post.  Stay tuned.