The HomeKit Fibaro Motion Sensor is HERE! But…

I’m back from work overseas for 2 weeks, and waiting at home is the Fibaro Motion Sensor for HomeKit.  It’s finally here, however here’s what I found out that is a very disappointing.

Setting up the device is easy, you unscrew the device, and remove the paper tab between the connector and the battery.  Easily done.

Opened eyeball

Next is to pair it with the HomeKit and the Fibaro App for HomeKit devices.  This was as easy as the rest as well.  All done via the Homekit code with the iPhone/iPad camera.  Quick note : the Fibaro app is only for iPhone, but can be installed onto the iPad with a zoomed screen interface.

Then, is placement.  I now have motion detectors in the back yard, the dining room, the porch, and the next would be for the living room.  Looking for a place was not difficult, however, the Fibaro motion sensor is not magnetic like the Philips Hue Motion Detector.  The Fibaro requires you to screw the base to the wall and then mount the eye ball shaped device to it by just pushing it into the base.

I chose an easier way to mount it, which is just to place it on the TV console which has a ledge.  It’s high enough that would not be noticeable nor reachable.

I see you!

Here come the issues:  Firstly, it’s a little laggy compared to the Philips.  It takes about 5 to 10 seconds more when updating/refreshing to the current status.  Not such a big deal, but the next issue it very disappointing.

It work similarly to the Philips Hue Motion Sensor, where its primarily a motion detector, displays the temperature, and also light levels.  Where it’s different is where the Fibaro app also gives you the ability to set Automation with Light levels and temperature.  However, it seems to only work with motion, and not with light level, nor temperature!

Here’s what I see:

From the Fibaro App, I see that I can set an Automation that will Switch On my Living Room lights when the Light Levels drop below 10 lux.


From the HomeKit app I can see that the sensors are active, and are detecting movement, the temperature level, and also the light levels of the Living Room


I can also see the Automation that I set from the Fibaro app in the HomeKit app.


However, I can only set automation to against the Motion Sensors in HomeKit App, and not the Temperature, nor the Light Level Sensors.

Plus, the Automation that I created from the Fibaro Motion Sensor App doesn’t work.  The Living room lights doesn’t automatically come on when the light levels drop below 10 lux. Argh!  Very disappointing.

It could be something that I’m doing that is wrong.  Anyway, this is what I have at the moment, let me play around with it some more, and update you when there’s progress.