Another mistake, ordered Fibaro Motion Sensor Z Wave version instead of HomeKit

I just took delivery of my Fibaro Motion Sensor today, and was so eager to set it up and write about it.  But a word of advice to you, read carefully before you buy or order it, because (but that’s what this site is about) I made another mistake, I ordered the Z Wave version of the motion sensor instead of the HomeKit version… sigh…

So I got the parcel that I ordered from Lazada (Malaysia’s answer to, and immediately took a knife to it.  I opened the packaging and read the manual, and saw the problem… there wasn’t a HomeKit 8 digit code to scan.  I started the Homekit app, and quickly realized that without the code there’s no way that I can add it.

Is it my fault?  Have a look at Fibaro’s site, and make your own deductions:  Here’s what you’ll see from the first page of the Fibaro Motion Sensor product:

Note the HomeKit logo below the product.

I assumed that the standard product works with HomeKit.  I was wrong…

So I went to Fibaro’s website to look for an app that might facilitate the connectivity.  This was actually what happened to my Philips Motion Sensors.  There’s 2 apps, but both of them was not what I was looking for.  Wanting to only use HomeKit, I have decided against even needing a Z Wave Hub.  So… maybe … that’s something to consider … maybe much later.

Did some further investigation, and this is where I now realized that there’s actually 2 versions of the sensor

So, I did the next best thing.  Packed it back up, send it back to Lazada, and ordered the correct version which is for HomeKit.  The worst part… I will probably have to wait another 2 weeks before getting it from Korea.  So stay tuned.

White = HomeKit, Black = Z Wave. Way easier to tell the systems apart

What I’m planning to do is to automate the living room lights to turn on when the level of light in the room drops to a certain level.  This will enable me to remove the automation to switch it on at 7pm.  It been raining a lot lately, and when it does it looks like 7pm outside, and I want to lights to turn on.  Like now, were it’s 4:30pm, and it’s dark outside due to the rain.

Such an uneventful week for Home Automation, but anyway, stay tuned for more articles very soon.