Let there be smart switch!

It’s here!  I just got the Philips Hue Dimmer Switch to solve the need for a physical smart switch for the Philips Hue bulbs in my bedroom lamps.  As mentioned in my previous post, my family hated the idea of using the iPhone/iPad or Siri to switch on/off the lamp.  The dimmer fixes this and does more!

Philips Hue Dimmer Switch controls the bedside lamp

The base has double sided tape and affixes to the wall easily.  The remote itself has a magnetic back that mounts itself very well to the base, but easily removed and set on the bedside table.

Overall construction is well made, and does it’s job to switch the lamp lights on and off, without the need of the phone/tablet/Siri.  Job done!

Apart from just turning the light on/off, the remote also allows you to dim the lights.  Also, there and option within the Hue app that allows you to set 4 scene modes.

Set the scene

You can set up to 4 scenes, and the best part of that is that you can set the mood of the room.  The scene settings can also be set in the HomeKit app, however, you have to add Scenes before you select them.  And when you do that you might have sync issues with your Hue App.  Small sacrifice for coolness!

This is what you’ll see for HomeKit’s Hue Dimmer Switch scene options

Overall, it’s a success!  Having a physical switch is a total must for a household who are a little hesitant to Home Automation.  If this is not something that you would consider, the best option would be to use Smart Switches like the Koogeek Light Switches that I use for the living room.

In the end, going back to the article on Home Automation lighting, if you are looking at controlling ceiling lights, go for Smart Switches.  For Table / Desk lamps, you have 2 options of either a smart bulb, or a smart plug.  Either way, you will be better off with a dimmer switch or smart button.  So, remember to consider this when setting up the lights in your room.