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This article is a continuation of my post on making the Elgato Eve Energy power plug more interesting to use with night lights.

In the past, to make his night light really fun and cool, I’ve put Lego in the IKEA light box in the past, but that blocked most of the light that came from the base.  I must admit, that when the light from the box is too dim it doesn’t look very fun.  Looks too cluttered as you can see in the previous post.

Then, this morning, I saw a picture of the Alien from the Toy Story movie in a drinking cup in an article from : Here’s Everything You Can Eat at Disney World’s Soon-to-Open Toy Story Land.  It gave me a brilliant idea.

Fun night light

I bought this Alien stacking game when I was on holiday in Japan 2 years ago, and since then the aliens had been stuck to the top of my computer monitor gathering dust.  When I saw the cup, I thought that it the Ikea LED box would make an excellent claw machine, and that the light at the base would light up my son’s room much better with less things in the box, and the above is the result.

“You have saved our lives, we are eternally grateful”

The above is a closeup of the light box in action.  The claw had to me modified a little to be connected to the top of the box with some transparent double sided tape, but definitely affixing a chain to it and seeing it sway then the box is moved gives it a sense of realism of a real claw machine.

Now that I see this I plan to change the Night Light theme maybe once every other month.  The next change could be a Pokemon claw machine!