Koi Fish Nanoleaf abstract tech wall art

It’s finally done. I’ll stop at 24 panels for the Koi Fish Nanoleaf Aurora lights where the maximum per setup is 30.  But definitely I’m really happy with it.

Koi abstract tech art

From my previous article, I said that I was not done as it doesn’t look enough fish shaped. I went through a couple of designs and ended with 4 that could work. As I’m not the only person living here I put together the following picture and set it to the rest of the family.

Slightly different designs. Still way better than the first

The feedback was all in for the top left.  My preference is actually the bottom right. I guess I should have put the one that I preferred on the top left as that usually what people select, which is the first thing they see.

But no matter, the panels stick to the wall with 3M removable double sided tape so I can change the designs fast and whenever I get bored with it. The hardware stores in Malaysia sells the tape, so no issues.

Next thing to do for this wall would be to change the rest of the light fixtures as they look dated and doesn’t match the high tech lamp panels.  I saw really cool wall lamps that looks like bubbles formed by LED ring lamps. Those would look really sweet and in line with the Koi Fish Nanoleaf on the wall theme… but that would be on another post.