How I use Smart Plugs in my house

When I got the Type G version of the Eve Energy smart plugs from Elgato, my first thoughts was to use it just to make lamps, smart.

And it worked as planned.  Yup, the lamp became smart.  I could now control when it switches on and off, and also associate it with the motion sensors to, basically, turn it on, and off when there’s motion in the room.  Smart, but boring.

So after putting some thought behind what I can use the Smart Plugs for, I realized that there are 2 main needs for Home Automation of light sources to switch on, and off at particular times of the day.

The first was the Moon Forest in the living room.  The plants in the orb needs at least 8 hours of light a day, and having the Smart Plugs turning it on and off was fine.  But the best part is getting Siri to turn it on.  “Hey Siri, turn on the Moon Forest” in front of friends and family, Cool!

The Moon Forest at the cozy corner of my living room controlled by the Smart Plug

The Second, was my son’s night light.  As he’s getting older I need a way to control it so that it turns off earlier and earlier.

Using HomeKit to set the Automation to turn off the light is much better than me going into the room (he’s a very light sleeper), or him noticing that the manual timer’s time has been changed.

Plus, connecting it to the Ikea Synas LED lighting box as a night light is also a much cooler way to give a little light to his room.

Elgato Eve Energy and the Ikea Synas LED lighting box

There you go, 2 different ways to use smart plugs for your home.

Alternatively, you can always use the Smart Plugs with a coffee machine so that you can have a the smell of freshly brewed coffee at exactly 6:03AM, or toast popping out from the toaster at exactly 6:47AM.

That will be covered in another article very soon.