The HomePod, my First HomeKit Accessory

Ok, now that the HomePod is back in Malaysia I had the perfect spot for it. In the corner of my living room with my Moon Forest lamp making it the coziest corner ever. As it housed real plants the Moon Forest needed automation on lights. I’ll cover that very soon.

Cosy chill out corner with HomePod and Moon Forest

In this article, I’m just touching on the topic of power adapters and the smoothness of the Siri commands. This would be relevant to many as the HomePod is only available in some countries. I won’t review it, as there’s tones of the out there, and mine would be pretty biased towards liking it a lot as I’m a pro iOS user.

Step 1, power the device. Australia uses Type I plugs, and the next choice I had to make was either to cut the Type I head off, and replace it with a Type G, or just use an adapter which could result in a huge plug altogether.

I turned to the internet to look if anyone had changed the plug for the HomePod, but couldn’t find anything. There were a few articles on pulling out the power that’s connected to it, but nothing on cutting the wires to a new plug.

My biggest concern was the cable itself. It looks like it’s wrapped with some kind of weave. Cutting it would fray the cable, and look horrible. I’ve done a plug change for AppleTV in the past (again, this was when the problem I had was that the AppleTV was not available in Malaysia, and I got one from overseas). But that we much easier as the cable didn’t have a weave wrap and was really straight forward.

So I went to the nearest ACE Hardware store, and got a really compact travel adapter that is specifically to connect a Type I to Type G sockets. This worked out super well, and I’m pleased with the outcome as Type I is tiny to begin with.

Type I fitting to Type G
Nice and compact fit

After using it for a while I realize a major difference on using Siri on the HomePod versus the iPhone/iPad. There is a slight pause needed sometime for the phone/table, but the HomePod all you do is say the whole command. It could be due to connectivity. But I’ll need to do more research on it.

Most amazing is the fact that Siri can hear you even when it’s playing music, and also when you’re far away. I give commands when I’m in the dining room that’s 15 feet away from the HomePod and it works just as well as when I’m 5 feet away. Amazing.

⁃ Next steps: Lights.